Select Building Products was founded to assist both architects and contractors source, price, and procure special-order materials. Historically, special-order products are either handled only by manufacturers directly or through building material retailers that work with hundreds of competing products. They do not necessarily have the expertise in the product nor the interest in the additional effort to handle these more complex product lines. Select Building Products is focusing only on these special-order products. By focusing only on these products, Select Building Products can be dedicated to the product needs, ordering, and logistics without the distraction of the daily, commodity orders. Furthermore, Select Building Products uses its internal ordering system to track project status, order history, and delivery needs for each client. Through the proprietary system, clients can be informed of all their pending, current, and historical orders through company specific reporting. Giving this personal transparency, clients can have the peace of mind that their order are being handled without needing to pick up the phone.
Order efficiency is important, but Select Building products has also built one-on-one relationships with the manufacturers it works with. These strong relationships allow us to work effectively with the product suppliers regarding ordering and delivery while giving us the ability to deal with issues productively. This ability to reach out directly to our partners for support is an invaluable benefit when dealing with special-order products.
Select Building Products is also dedicated to products that contribute to sustainability and green building. We are always looking for innovative products that continue the advancement of green building and the improvement of building performance. Also, as an FSC Certified company, Select Building Products can provide certified wood products to LEED, Living Building Challenge, and other green building projects and provide the required documentation.
Let Select Building Products be your resource for special-order products. Whether we represent the products you are looking for or not, let us help you. Fill out an inquiry form and we will reach out to see how Select Building products can help you on your projects.