Bison Innovative Products

Bison Innovative Products by Select Building ProductsAs the leader of outdoor decking and patio innovation, the Bison Innovative Product system offers a dynamic way to create singular or multi-faceted outdoor spaces on ground level or the top floor of a building. Be it wood tiles, conventional decking, stone, porcelain, or any combination, the Bison pedestal system provides a beautiful, level deck surface with easy installation. Because of the pedestals’ adjustable height, any sloped or uneven surface can be turned into a level, useable, beautiful outdoor space.

The Bison system can be used on virtually any roof system to give multi-family or single-family, city or suburban homes a place to entertain or just get away from the streets below without needing to penetrate into the roof, ground, or any other surface membrane to anchor the deck down. The system is also able to reach up to a height of 36″ to provide clearance for any existing or needed lines, ducts, or drains that run underneath while still providing airflow to prevent water build-up and rot.

In addition to creating useable space, Bison offers seating, planters, and trays for green roofs or rock gardens that work within the pedestal system. This allows you to turn any deck or patio into an oasis for outdoor living regardless of how high off the ground the space may be.

Pedestals: and Versadjust

LEVEL.IT ADJUSTABLE PEDESTALS from Select Building ProductsBison’s and Versadjust pedestals allow any deck or patio to be structurally raised above almost any surface ranging from 1/8th of an inch up to 36 inches and can compensate for roof slopes up to 1 inch per foot. This versatility means lines, pipes, ducts, drains, and surface coatings or roofing will be left undisturbed. Thus, you can create a useful outdoor space and still give easy access to everything below with the simple twist of a screw.

The highly-engineered construction gives every pedestal the structural rigidity and stability needed for a perfectly level plane, regardless of what lies underneath. Each pedestal can be individually adjusted to compensate for any irregularity in stone or tile so that each corner is level to its neighbor, preventing tripping or stubbing hazards.

When extending to heights over 24″, the pedestals are braced together with a proprietary bracket system, making the platform one solid, structural entity. Furthermore, Bison has spent time and money to have their products tested and certified by the Miami Dade Building Testing in order to meet any uplift concerns or requirements of the local codes. Be it wood, porcelain, or stone, Bison offers multiple clip systems to meet any building code uplift specifications in any city. No matter which clip system is used, simple access to the surface below for repairs or cleaning is maintained.

Wood Tiles

To accompany the Bison pedestals, a full line of wood tiles in varying sizes is available. Each tile is manufactured with the highest grade of hardwoods including FSC Certified hardwoods to meet LEED or other green building projects looking to source sustainably harvested wood products.

Wood Tiles from Bison Innovative Products.

Tiles come in 2’x2′ and 2’x4′ standard options, but custom sizes can also be manufactured upon request. Each tile is built to fit right into the pedestal system and pre-grooved to easily secure the tiles to the pedestals.

Bison offers multiple tile species including:
Ipe, Garapa, Mahogany, Cumaru, and Massaranduba.
(FSC Certified tiles also available)

Stone and Porcelain Tile Support

Stone and tile using Bison Innovative Products into a roof deck.The Bison pedestals provide the solution for any tile product including stone and porcelain. Be it common spaces, public plazas, high-rise balconies, or residential patio applications, these installations may have clearance issues or a need to protect the surface below. Unlike wood, stone and porcelain tiles may not be thick enough or engineered for people to stand on without succumbing to the weight. Bison has engineered a tray that gives any stone or porcelain tile the rigidity to prevent failure due to weight and provides the flange to secure these tiles to the Bison system with the same ease as wood tiles. Utilizing the tile tray system allows you to create a beautiful stone or porcelain tile space with security from tile failure, compliance with uplift code requirements, and ease of access to the surface and utilities below.

How do they work? The paver trays use an adhesive back that secures the paver to the tray. With the tile attached, the tray is dropped down on the pedestals and secured with the same clip system used for the wood tiles. Any stone or porcelain paver outdoor space should utilize this thoughtfully engineered system for full peace of mind.

Wood Benches, Storage Cubes, and Planters

Bison Innovative Solutions outdoor furniture.Outdoor spaces give people a place to escape, relax, feel comfortable, and sometimes hide unsightly roof areas. Building this type of oasis requires more than just a place to stand. Seating, plantings, and aesthetic features enhance the enjoyment of the space. Bison offers a series of site furnishing in both standard and custom-made options that fit into the pedestal system. Wood benches, storage cubes, wood planters, rock trays, and powder-coated aluminum planters give your outdoor spaces that touch of nature, comfort, and serenity that everyone will enjoy.

FSC Certified Wood Tiles

FCS certified wood deck tiles from Bison Innovative Solutions.Bison offers FSC Certified wood tiles. As an FSC Certified company, Select Building Products can ensure that the required Chain-of-Custody requirements for LEED and other green building programs will be intact. We can provide all supporting documentation to meet the stringent credit requirements required by these building certification programs.

Choose between FSC Certified Ipe, Garapa, Cumaru, or Massaranduba.

Design and Takeoffs

Bison project can be custom designed for free. With plans or drawings, each Bison project can be custom-designed for free. Through the internal CAD department, full material takeoffs and budgets can be provided. Once finalized, Select Building Products will give installers a detailed, color-coded pedestal layout to identify each specific pedestal placement for simple installation. Every project order is shipped directly to the site anywhere in the country.

Tell Us About Your Project

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