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Accoya Wood ProductsA popular product choice in Europe for years, Accoya® provides architects and builders an unprecedented wood product that can stand up to water and other environmental elements without fear of rotting, warping, or checking.  The patented wood modification process makes this natural wood product resistant to moisture, indigestible to insects, and inhospitable to mold, providing a durable, long-lasting natural wood product that holds paint and stain twice as long.

The technology behind Accoya® is based on wood acetylation, a process that has been studied by scientists for more than 90 years.  The result of this process alters the wood’s cells and makes it approximately 80% less able to absorb moisture, which increases the wood’s stability and lifespan while decreasing the frequency of maintenance and painting.  These characteristics are unmatched by any other natural or treated wood and raise the bar for the number of possible project applications.  Furthermore, Accoya® can be routed, cut, milled, or glued without losing any of the treatment benefits and maintains its 50-year above ground warranty and 25-year below ground (including in freshwater) warranty.

Be it cladding, raised panels, decking, mouldings, or ornamental applications, Accoya® and Tricoya® will outperform any other solid wood or wood fiber product.  Contact Select Building Products to find out more.


Accoya SustainabilityThere are few wood products capable of offering the unique properties that Accoya® does, but beyond its exceptional performance and utility, it offers some of the highest levels of sustainability recognized in any wood product. Accoya® has been awarded many highly coveted sustainability monikers: FSC Certification, Gold level Cradle to Grave Certification (C2C), an A rating from The Future Build portal, recognition by the Nordic Ecolabel, and has been given the Declare label for the Living Building Challenge. This, combined with other awards for sustainability and innovation, makes the Accoya® wood an exceptional product choice for any green or sustainable building project.

For LEED V.4 projects, Accoya® offers credits in multiple categories including MR1, MR2, MR3, MR4, and I1.

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Siding & Cladding

Accoya SidingSelect Building Products offers Accoya® in siding and cladding milled specifically for each individual project. Because of the incredible properties of Accoya, it is an exceptional choice for the exterior of a home or building where aesthetics, durability, lasting uniformity, insulation values, and less frequent maintenance and painting are important characteristics of the project.  From clapboards, shiplap, and nickel-gap cladding, to aesthetic facade installations and rain screens, using Accoya® gives the homeowner or building owner a 50-year warranty with a real wood product that holds paint and stain longer than any other wood siding and gives the sought-after appearance that only real wood can give.

Beyond standard profiles, Select Building Products can run any custom siding or cladding profile for your project.

Decking and Outdoor Spaces

Accoya DeckingCommon spaces, seaside boardwalks, residential decks, outdoor walkways, docks, and landscape features all need the combination of longevity and stability. However, natural and pressure-treated woods are all susceptible to warping, checking, splintering, and rotting, which are particularly hazardous for walking surfaces. With Accoya®, projects are not susceptible to such problems; sightlines, safety, and longevity are never lost.  Furthermore, Accoya® wood’s Gold Level from the Cradle to Grave Certification gives the project little to no environmental impact to the project site or people. Architects, landscape architects, and customers alike should always consider Accoya® as a leading candidate for any outdoor project.

Accoya® can also be painted or stained and Select Building Products can have your order factory-finished for each project. Because of the wood’s ability to resist moisture and its dimensional stability, these coatings will last twice as long, which will require less frequent maintenance than other wood species. If left alone, Accoya® will age gracefully and turn grey without the usual physical aging and alterations of other wood decking.

Windows and Doors

Accoya® wood is an excellent choice for windows and exterior or interior doors. Due to the low thermal conductivity, durability, and dimensional stability, windows and doors made with Accoya® will outperform any other hardwood. Because Accoya® wood resists being affected by the environmental changes in the air, your doors and windows will be more durable and stable, preventing difficulties in opening or closing indoors or out.

Whether it be for modern or historical applications, Accoya® is the choice for custom or complex doors, since the wood can be milled and shaped without losing its integrity. Examples include custom doors, windows, garage doors, and sliders of any size for any project. With each Accoya® based unit comes the confidence of getting a lasting, durable unit that will perform at the highest level for years to come, while adding industry-low thermal conductivity. Contact Select Building Products to find out how we can help you with your custom door and window projects.

Accoya® wood is also ideal for shutters and exterior trim for windows and doors. Beyond the benefits of stability and durability, the wood will hold paint and stain longer, allowing a home or building to keep its clean, fresh look longer than traditional painted wood. Projects finished with Accoya® will last longer, have lower maintenance, and deliver real wood aesthetics without the unsightly joint separations from the expansion and contraction issues of other wood or PVC products.

Custom Mouldings and Other Millwork

Accoya MillworkWhen exploring options for moulding or other specialty wood products like exterior rails, trim, dentals, corbels, and others, Accoya® wood delivers the custom wood profiles with the lasting integrity unmatched by any other wood product or species. Crown mouldings in New England, for instance, often begin to split at the seams because of the dry winter air. With Accoya®, splitting seams will be non-existent because the integrity of the wood is not compromised by the lack of moist air. Another application being used by one of the largest theme parks in America is exterior railings.  Because of the unique ability to be washed and wet every single day, railings made from Accoya can handle the constant cleaning and moisture without splintering, warping, or checking even while exposed to the outdoor elements.
Select Building Products can customize any moulding, milled products, or railing profile needed for your project.

Panels and Sheets – Tricoya®

TRICOYATricoya® raises the bar for MDF products and comes with a class 1 durability with dimensional stability, which makes it ideal for a wide range of exterior or interior applications. Treated with the same process as Accoya®, Tricoya® inherits the same durability, dimensional stability, and reliability. Because of these attributes, the number of new design and application possibilities offered by the marriage of acetylated wood fiber with the manufacturing technology of MDF is set to excite and stimulate composite product manufacturers, designers, architects, and the construction industry alike.

Beyond its wide range of interior and exterior applications, Tricoya® can be cut, milled, or machined with ease and be applied to any project and then painted, stained, or wrapped without impacting its inherent stability. Be it paneling, trim, facia, or soffits for the outdoors or high moisture interior spaces, Tricoya® maintains its 50-year warranty above ground, giving peace of mind that the finished product will remain pristine and perform for years to come while giving the highest level of sustainability available in such a product.

FSC Certified, no added formaldehyde, fugal resistant, and a 50-year warranty (on or above ground) and 25 years underground or in fresh water.

Tricoya® thicknesses range from ¼” to ¾” and comes in 4×8 and 4×10 sheets.  Contact Select Building products for more information.

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