Custom siding and cladding made from environmentally friendly Accoya Wood®.StalBord is milled from Accoya Wood, one of the most sustainable wood products available. Felled from FSC sustainably managed forests, the wood is FSC Certified and the Chain-of-Custody remains intact all the way through Select Building Products. This Cradle-to-Cradle Certified product has zero toxicity and has no impact on the environment from growth to disintegration. StalBord siding and cladding provides unmatched sustainability while providing lasting stability equal to or better than any wood or composite product on the market

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StalBord is milled to meet the needs of each project. Standard clapboards, shiplap, board and batten, or custom profiles and textures, StalBord can meet your aesthetic goal while maintaining the integral, lasting properties of the Accoya Wood®. You can be sure that the desired sight lines and profiles will remain as crisp and clean years later as the day it goes on.

With the overall stability of Accoya, the StalBord siding product provides the end user a project that will maintain the aesthetic lines and appearance for decades without movement or rotting, as well as, providing even lower maintenance of paints and stains. The Accoya Wood has been tested to last up to about 3 times longer than the average 10-year hold of paint and stain on other wood products. For greater consistency and application, StalBord can be factory primed or painted to your desired color and convenience.

There is no wood product with a warranty like this. Because of the unique treatment of the wood, the StalBord product is backed by the Accoya 50 year warranty protecting against expansion, contraction, warping, checking, or rotting. This rivals any siding warranty and provides a finished product that is built to withstand the conditions in any region of the US.

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