Bison Innovative Products by Select Building ProductsSustainability is a buzzword that is used a lot in many different industries nowadays. Everyone knows that the main goal of sustainability is to bring as many environmental benefits and limit as many negative environmental impacts as you can. Here are four things that you may not know about sustainable building:

1. Sustainable building revolves around the entire project lifecycle.

People often think that sustainable building is solely focused on the actual construction of the building, but it’s so much more than that. Architects, contractors, and builders must keep sustainability at the forefront of their minds throughout the entire lifecycle of the project. This includes design, planning, construction, renovation, maintenance, and demolition. 

2. Longevity is an important factor in sustainable building.

In order to consider something a sustainable building material, people tend to look into how long the material will last and how durable it is. Those factors affect how often renovation or maintenance is needed which, in turn, affects the overall sustainability of a building. 

3. Sustainable building saves you money.

Although the initial cost of building sustainably may be high, you will save money in the long run. Sustainable building often revolves around energy and water efficiency, which are known to help cut costs. Durable, sustainable building materials also reduce costs because maintenance is often a large portion of costs over the years.

4. Sustainable building occupants are healthier.

Did you know that indoor air quality can be two to five times worse than the outside air? Sustainable building practices combat this by using cross ventilation, non-toxic materials, and other techniques that reduce pollutants and help create a cleaner, healthier indoor environment. This means not only the earth is healthier, but you are too.

What Sustainable Building Means to Select Building Products

Select Building Products is dedicated to products that contribute to sustainability and green building. We are proud to offer a variety of FSC-certified building materials for any project you are undertaking. Contact us to learn more about how Select Building Products can help you fulfill your sustainable building goals.